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ash industries injection molds electronic components
ash industries overmolds electronics for insulation properties
Insulate and Elevate with Ash Industries Expert Overmolding

Stop conductivity in it's tracks with ASH Industries' innovative overmolding solutions. We combine the design flexibility of plastic with the non-conductive properties of your chosen material, creating a seamless, high-performance barrier. Our expertise ensures a secure bond and precise application, eliminating electrical hazards and elevating your product's functionality. Whether you need to insulate sensitive components, improve grip in wet environments, or create a visually distinct barrier, ASH Industries' overmolding delivers both style and safety. 

Technology continues to explode and product capability must meet this growing demand. Manufacturing capabilities should also match these demands and support the growing creativity of engineers and designers. ASH's team is on a quick-paced footing to meet these time tables and provide a plethora of options to address various configurations, materials, cost, and capability concerns. ASH is your in-house engineering department with a scalable solution to match your manufacturing needs. We're a trusted, knowledgeable electrical manufacturing company right here in the USA.

Our Expertise & Commitment to Quality
ASH provides cutting-edge solutions to even the toughest manufacturing challenges while maintaining superior quality when it comes to electronic components manufacturing. The high standards of service you receive always result in high-quality components and assemblies, on-time delivery, and the competitive pricing your electronic product manufacturing program requires. 

ash industries electronics overmolding for insulation
I've worked with ASH Industries for 19 years, and appreciate that their engineering staff understands my design parameters such as reducing complexity and part counts to improve our Design For Manufacturing
ash industries electronics over molding for insulation
ash industries injection molds electronic components
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