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Anatomy of a Hearing Aid

Foundational function supplemented by modern tech.

While grandpa’s hearing aids may share a common purpose with today’s generation of hi-tech devices, modern tech engineering has led to wonderful innovations. From expanded frequency response and battery tech to streaming blue tooth audio and programmability that gives doctors greater reach in addressing individual needs, these micro devices wondrously apply the best of today’s developments.


At ASH Industries, several recent manufacturing projects have benefited from a number of injection molded material developments, medical molding capability, and innovative processes like metal injection molding.

Whereas design engineers have typically been bound to design components by set manufacturing guidelines, expanded injection molded material and process combination have allowed devices to shrink in order to make room for additional capability. For example, battery contacts that were once stamped and were larger than absolutely necessary for structural reasons, may now be miniaturized and then overmolded into housings or combined with other components. Small metal components that were designed to be stamped can now be injection molded as complex MIM parts freeing designers to compress designs even further.


Compounded additives in traditional thermoplastic such as Polycarbonate (PC), Acetal (POM), Polyethylene (PE), and alloys such as PC/ABS, have improved product longevity, the ease with which moving components may be manipulated, impact resistance, and resistance to heat/cold cycles. ASH looks forward to exploring how modern developments can enhance your next new product line.


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