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Plastic Molding is not just for commodity parts.

Injection molding is one of the fastest processes for producing parts of any type in injection molding we take thermoplastic which does not go through a chemical change but with heat we melt it down and shoot it under very high pressures into a mold to make any type of part it could be medical it could be electronic it could be industrial it could be something for the Department of Defense

It's incredible the range of parts you can make out of thermoplastic and a lot of people think of thermoplastic as the big Gold Cup they get at the convenience store well sure that's a commodity plastic and so is the stuff you make gas cans out of for your lawnmower.

But we have some thermoplastics that have twice the strength of aluminum compression strings that are off the chart some thermoplastics will last all day long at 400 degrees Fahrenheit some thermoplastics have the capability to do incredible work for mankind the thermoplastics are used in permanently implantable parts inside the human body it could be a part used for Dentistry or a part for some medical application or something very very simple the largest train cars in North America use for hauling frozen french fries are partially made out of thermoplastic

Parts made here at Ash Industries anything you can think of about a plastic part strength or how it feels or how it looks is maybe wrong because plastic developments happen every day it's amazing what is available today for ergonomics.

I'm Hardy Spence with Ash injection molding the truth of the matter is that we've molded almost every type of thermoplastic you can imagine everything from the commodity Plastics polyethylene and polypropylene all the way up to the most expensive glass and graphite filled Peak that you can imagine the most exotic material we ever run was 85 dollars a pound it was crazy stuff it had twice a tensile strength of aluminum.

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